Fighting terrorists is easy—falling in love may destroy him.

Navy SEAL Ritt “Lancelot” Knight must pull together a team to combat a new global terrorist threat. His highly-trained, deeply-covert, team just needs one more operative. But he never expected his quest to find the perfect CIA specialist to fill the role would lead him to the perfect woman—one who makes him long to kiss her long and deep.

CIA agent Riley Bray doesn’t mind stepping on toes to ensure her operations are successful and her men unharmed. When an op falls apart, Riley is placed on the hot seat to answer for the deaths of innocent people. Her position with the agency is in jeopardy—and perhaps her very life.

Sent to observe the operation, Ritt cannot deny the attraction he has for Riley—or the desire to make love to her. When terrorists take over the Syrian compound, Ritt and Riley must work fast to regain control. But when allies turn into enemies, Ritt must choose between his love of country and the love of his life.

Can he save the woman he is falling in love with? Or will he be forced to watch her die before his very eyes?

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