Ritt, Book 2 in The 13 is Now Available

Navy SEAL Ritt “Lancelot” Knight’s has been tapped to join the deeply-covert, highly-classified military unit known only as “The 13”. With his experience and knowledge, Ritt must pull together a team of eleven men from special operations units within each branch of the military, and one CIA operative to combat a new global terrorist threat.

CIA agent Riley Bray doesn’t mind stepping on toes to ensure her operations are successful and her men unharmed. When the operation falls apart, her boss is placed on the hot seat to answer for the deaths of innocent people. Riley’s position with the agency is also in jeopardy—and perhaps her very life.

Sent to observe the operation, Ritt works alongside Riley to investigate who leaked intel that led to the disastrous operation. When terrorists take over the Syrian compound, Ritt and Riley must work fast to regain control. But allies turn into enemies, and the mission is to kill Riley at all costs.

How much can one couple face before their luck runs out and one of them ends up dead?

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